Arbitration in Africa: a practitioner's Guide

CRCICA has recently contributed to Kluwer Law's "Arbitration in Africa: a practitioner's Guide" with a chapter on Egypt. This unprecedented volume genrally edited by Lise Bosman assembles for the first time a country-by-country analysis - both practical and insightful - of how arbitration is conducted in 46 African countries, providing essential information about legislative provisions, treaty adherence, and arbitral procedure. Five sections representing the main regions of the continent offer country overviews addressing issues such as the following:

  • adherence to the key arbitration conventions;
  • the modernity of a State's arbitration legislation and its compatibility with the UNCITRAL Model Law;
  • particular features of arbitral practice in that jurisdiction;
  • access to and (where available) statistics from local and regional arbitral institutions;
  • significant arbitration-related national case law; and
  • enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.
  • A sixth section focuses on Africa-based investor-State arbitration, providing an empirical analysis of the experience and record of African States with investment treaties and investor-State arbitration. Useful tables of intra-African bilateral investment treaties, a list of ICSID proceedings involving African States, and other tabular features round out the volume.


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