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2- 2014  
 CRCICA Issues its first Practice Notes

For the first time since its inception in 1979, CRCICA issued eight Practice Notes determining the discretion and role of the Centre as well as its policies regarding the following decisions under CRCICA's Arbitration Rules in force since 1 March 2011:

  1. The Centre's decision not to proceed with arbitral proceedings in accordance with Article 6 of the Rules;
  2. The application of Article 10(3) of the Rules regarding multiparty arbitrations and its correlation with Article 9(2);
  3. The notification to the parties and the arbitral tribunals of the submissions deposited by the parties, in light of Article 17(4) and (5) and Article 48 of the Rules;
  4. The termination of already suspended arbitral proceedings due to failure of payment of the costs of the arbitration;
  5. The determination of the fees of the arbitral tribunal based on sums in dispute exceeding three million US Dollars in accordance with the scales set out in Table (3) annexed to the Rules;
  6. The determination of the costs of the arbitration according to Article 42(5) of the Rules in the case of the arbitral tribunal's decision to terminate the proceedings before the issuance of a final award according to Article 36 of the Rules;
  7. The partial payment of fees to the resigning arbitrators; and
  8. The advance partial payment of the arbitrators' fees after the oral hearing under Article 45(8) of the Rules.

The Practice Notes have been prepared based on the decisions taken by the Centre's Advisory Committee (AC) during its quarterly meetings in 2012 and 2013 and have been approved in the AC's meeting dated 23 June 2014. The Practice Notes shall apply to all currently pending CRCICA cases and are available in Arabic and English on CRCICA's website at the following link:

CRCICA Practice Notes JUNE 2014 (Arabic version)

CRCICA Practice Notes JUNE 2014 (English version)


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