Egyptian Arbitration Law: Celebrating Twenty years of Application, 28 December 2014

This celebratory event was held on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Egyptian Arbitration Law no 27 / 1994. The agenda featured three discussion panels tackling the following themes:

1) Practical problems arising out of the application of the Egyptian Arbitration Law ;
2) Case Law on the Law;
3) Salient Features of the arbitration legislative policy in Egypt ;

In a dynamic discussion structure, a wide variety of experts approached the different topics of the agenda. Each panel tackled a number of comprehensive practice-grounded questions that triggered a unique exchange of experience among panelists complemented by expert questions and interventions from the floor.

At the closing session, CRCICA reported a proposal of amendment, integrating the discussions of the conference as well as recommendations of revisions prepared earlier by eminent practitioners under the auspices of the Centre.

Users representing a variety of business sectors were in attendance, including the fields of telecommunication, construction, banking import and export, capital market. Also, many law firms, ministries of justice, universities, non-governmental and international organizations and national courts were represented.

Beside an outstanding majority of Egyptian professionals, there were attendees from United Arab Emirates, Sudan and Yemen who chose to observe the leading Egyptian experience in the application of the Arbitration Law.